April 11, 2016 – JUDY REED SILVER delivers conceptual piece to SourceMedia, Inc…

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This conceptual illustration has Judy working with collage and pattern. These two design elements appear as consistent tools used in much of Judy’s art. In this case, her illustration accompanies an article discussing the various ways of searching for business financial information. Select list of clients: National Cherry Blossom Festival, Sherwin-Williams Paints; U.S.P.S.; Kruger; Emory […]

April 6, 2016 – AMY NING rocks another caricature!

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This time it’s ….well, you know who she’s mimicking, don’t you? Amy simply entitles this latest art ‘Trumpty’. Is Amy asking, ‘So will all the kings horses and all the king’s ever put Trumpty together again?’ Here’s her portfolio which includes a gallery of caricatures: http://www.workbook.com/portfolios/amy_ning


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